Hand lettering styles

Practicing hand lettering and getting some relatively good results. Here are a couple of pieces. This was done with a tablet and MangaStudio, using the calligraphy pen and pressure sensitivity for brush size.





What gift does every geek/artsy Dad want for Fathers Day?

Get Dad a gift he’d buy himself and cherish forever. Most dads aren’t very picky and the standards gifts are great, but there are other gifts that stand out and remain a part of his most prized posetions. This short list aims to give you some ideas.

Wacom Cintiq

Pricey but awesome. Having the ability to create digitally on the go is a luxury only available to most. As an illustrator myself I can value a piece of hardware that lets me do my thing anywhere. The Cintiq fills that void. Although not for everyone, the Dads that do creative, illustrative, or digital art would be over the moon for such a gift.

Photoshop tutorial using masks

Tutorial: How to design a trendy quote poster in Photoshop

Today we’ll be looking at how to design a trendy quote poster in photoshop. This tutorial assumes you are familiar with Photoshop tools in general and have an understanding of some of the concepts such as blending modes and masks. We’ll be using a neat double-exposure effect for a vintage look.

Purple yellow water lily

Freebie: Stock Flower Photos

Good stock photos are great, good and free stock photos are even better!

I was lucky enough to have access to a private garden and snapped some shots of dewy flowers in their fully colorful glory. Use them as you wish, some attribution would be lovely. Enjoy!

Express-Oh Header

Web Prototyping with ExpressOh!

I made a thing.  Rapid prototyping HTML + JS + CSS build system.

It works pretty simply. You run the server, it watches for changes, and auto updates any browser windows pointed at the server. This isn’t ground-breaking by any means, there are tons of ways to go about this. This was something I needed to play with CSS and JS and have a set of resources that I can reuse or create static files to share with folks. I wanted something with more granular control from what I use to write the code to how it gets compiled.

Requires Node.js


git clone
cd ExpressOh
npm install
npm start

You should check it out. I’d love some feedback if you try it out.

or on GitHub


Design Showcase: Web Design Trends 2015 Full page sliders

Showcase of new web design trends 2015. This week we take a look at a very cool web design trend: full page slider designs. This style is great for engaging visitors and making a visual impact with a simple interface. No need for scrolling here.


Art on the web: The Art of Taho, digital artist and beyond

She goes by Taho. Fatima Camizola, is her civilian secret identity, and she has a gift. Her work is as captivating as it is delicious in form, color and composition. She’s a digital artist among other things, she also does watercolor, pen and ink, and various other media, but her digital art is where she focuses on professionally.